Hello everyone and welcome to one of the most amazing cities in the world, LONDON!

Whether you live in London or just stopping by, whether you came to visit or decided to settle down and start a new life, this website is here to help you design your day, your weekend, your holiday.

We are here to help you shape your spare time or to fill up your time  and above all, we want you to  experience London in a most amazing way and have a wonderful time under the sky of London!

Don’t worry, even if it’s raining we’ll try to find something nice for you to do or you can always just slow down and enjoy somewhere sipping some nice cup of tea – (if you want to go by the opinion of the editor – taste and smell of Yorkshire tea is second to none)!

The whole idea of the existence of ‘Do Things in London’ is to share all those cool places you can visit and things that you can do in this fabulous city. Places and things that might not be that familiar or might have not crossed your mind at the first place.

Another thing that we want to tackle here and right now is loneliness in London. If you just came to London to do your studies or you moved here because of a job, and you find yourself lonely because you don’t know many people or you don’t know any people at all – let me tell you straight away  – it doesn’t have to be that way and it doesn’t have to be hard for you. We are experts of good mood and we’ll find you all those communities, places and recommend things to do, so that you can make yourself feel like at home. London is one of the most diverse cities in the world. It’s so diverse that if you can think of anything – here in London,  you will definitely find it and experience it.

Oh and one more thing. Before you set your foot on the streets of London, just don’t forget to “mind the gap” and take some cool photos!


Have a lovely and unforgettable day in London!


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