To all of you, wherever you are in the World, on behalf of all Londoners, London itself and our team here, wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

We are almost ready to wrap up this 2018 into a big huge wrapping paper and gift it to the past. The only detail that is missing and some of you might have noticed it, is snow! Everyone that I know looks at me at least once a week and has this puzzling look on their face asking “Where is snow this year“? I don’t know! This situation, however, proves that this year we are equally obsessed with the weather as we were last year. We do hope and would be most delighted if snow decides to come to London this winter and surprise us with its beautifully luxurious, stunning look. So, for all of you that would love a little bit of snow in London, hold tight, we might be able to persuade it to come! If it doesn’t come, well, it’s going to be less wet to move around town and your feet will enjoy the comfort of dry socks while waiting for the fireworks. Speaking of Fireworks…


This year, tickets for New Year’s Fireworks went on sale on 28th September 2018 for £10 and smaller remaining batch went on sale at the beginning of November, and as expected it was pretty quickly all sold out. If this is your first time in London – please note that you can’t approach Big Ben, London Eye and an entire area of roads that are surrounded by Westminster Bridge on one side and Waterloo bridge on the other, after 20:00 on the night of 31st December if you don’t have your ticket. Here is also the map of this area (it will open in a new window – Thames Riverside, Central London, SE1, United Kingdom


  • Pack light and take with you only essential items.
  • No backpacks or suitcases will be allowed.
  • Small handbag, shoulder bag, or standard shopping bags are allowed.
  • Remember to bring your Ticket and ID matching the name on the ticket.
  • Always check your travel. Ticketholders should have received a letter saying how to reach your entrance gate. Here is also the TFL (Transport for London) Website

Have a fantastic time and enjoy the fireworks and music! And remember to… Mind the Gap 🙂

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