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Imagine if today was mid-18th century (feel free to pick any year in this range), and I asked you to join me for a cup of tea. You could only assume the following two scenarios: I’m either coming from a noble family able to afford 6s6d per box of tea or on the other hand if we pick another year, our money sack could just become lighter for paying an extortionate tea bill of 24 shillings for one pound of tea. The second scenario leaves the option of us having just got our hands onto smuggled tea, probably mixed with anything and everything that would add onto its weight. From willow, licorice, to sloe leaves. We could also improvise and redry our used tea leaves and add to fresh ones. This is how having a tax of 119% on imported tea looks like.

Fortunately for us, only three centuries later we can enjoy and indulge in almost endless varieties of teas for such affordable prices compared to what our ancestors had to go through for one cup of tea. We take drinking our tea seriously and National Tea Day is all about drinking good quality tea, taking care of our body and mind and socialising with other people.

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National Tea Day 2019 FesTeaVal

For all the lovers of tea, FesTeaVal is such an amazing opportunity to experince tea-drinking in a whole new, exciting way. You will be invited and welcomed to challenge your taste buds in the Blind Tea Tasting and explore how tea is grown in a ‘Virtual Reali-Tea’ experience.

This is going to be the UK’s biggest celebration of tea at the historical location that pays homage to the tea smuggling we mentioned earlier. Truly amazing scenery for the fantastic British lifestyle event of healthy tips and modern world of tea. You will be shown how to use tea in a beauty routine, and the whole new spectre of another potential usage of thses extraordinary plants.

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