You literally have to fasten your seat belt for this one, as our number one unusual place for Afternoon Tea comes on wheels who support 12 tonnes double-decker bus..


1. B Bakery London Bus Afternoon Tea – somebody here had a really good idea of combining city sightseeing tour and munching little cup cakes and sandwiches at the same time.And what a great idea! B Afternoon Tea Bus is all about special little details.

Vintage, red Routemaster  RM1913 ,double-decker bus, will drive you past places such as Harrods, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, London Eye, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly, Notting Hill (I cannot help thinking about Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts every time I’m in this part of a city), Royal Albert Hall, Hyde Park and more. This tour wont’ lack beautiful scenery, that’s for sure.

On top of that, food is great and there are also options to choose bits and pieces from the menu that are gluten free, vegetarian and halal. B Afternoon Tea Bus is also available for private hire should you have any special reason to do so and also seating plan allows you to choose top or lower deck seats with two VIP seats at the top front that offer the best view. Bon Appétit. 



2.  Cutty Sark – 1 of only 3 Remaining Original Clipper Ships from 19th Century

 If there was a scale of Britishness, this one would hit the roof! You can’t get more British than this. I know that some people absolutely love their tea, but for British folks this is seriously serious matter and if it means sailing right across Atlantic and Indian Ocean for a a good strong cuppa, let it be.

Cutty Sark was built in 1869 and her first return journey in 1870 was carrying 1,305,812 lbs of tea from Shanghai to London via the Cape of Good Hope. She remained in tea trade for the next couple of years before turning to trade in wool from Australia. This magnificent ship is now located at permanent dry dock at Greenwich, London where you can enjoy your Afternoon Tea, sitting right  beneath Her restored hull. How cool is that!?

Here are just couple of things that you need to know: Opening times of Cutty Sark Café is everyday 10am-5.30pm and in order to gain entry to the Café where Afternoon Tea is served, you have to purchase the ticket for Cutty Sark.



3.  Houses of Parliament Tour & Afternoon Tea  For those of you who like history and a bit of a politics or a lot of a politics, this is an ideal place for the Afternoon Tea.

This magnificent institution has been around for one thousand years. Its walls contain so much history and beautiful architecture that will make you feel like you have been taken out of this world. For centuries, this has been a place of important decisions and heated debates. Now, you can just sit back and sip your cup of tea in the House of Commons, River Thames-side room.

Due to the regular Parliamentary business, it is necessary to book a tour and add-on Afternoon Tea. This has to be done no later than 11am the day before your visit. There are two options for the actual tour: Houses of Parliament Audio or Guided tour. You should allow 60 to 75 minutes for the Audio tour and 90 minutes for the Guided tour. Don’t worry if English is not your first language as both Audio and Guided tours are offered in number of languages. Here are the available dates for the tour and Afternoon Tea:

  • Saturdays until 16 December 2017 at 2pm and 3.45pm (except 15 July 2017)
  • Tuesday – Friday between 25 July and 1 September 2017 at 2pm and 3.45pm
  • Tuesday – Friday between 15 September and 6 October 2017 at 3.45pm

Before you go, here is a short video of what to expect on the tour.



4. British Museum Afternoon Tea – The tea is served from 3pm in the Great Court Restaurant surrounded by the impressive glass roof of the British Museum’s Great Court. When it comes to the Museum entrance fee, you can forget about your wallet/purse as this is a free attraction. You will however, still be required to pay for your afternoon tea as nobody seems to be giving away free lunch. The Museum is open daily, 10.00-17.30, except every Friday when this magnificent building closes its gates bit later at 20.30.

There is one more important thing to mention. It’s not like everything becomes alive as we saw in the Night at the Museum film. Therefore, unfortunately, you probably won’t be drinking tea with an Egyptian Pharaoh but you will definitely have an opportunity to explore through the rooms and corridors for some of the most amazing remains of human history from all the continents.


5. London in the Sky – 100 feet above the ground Afternoon Tea

 Just when you thought that things are calming down and locations where you can experience afternoon tea in London are becoming normal…Here is something most people couldn’t even imagine exists in this city. Last on this list but not least in its ability to totally surprise you is Champagne High Tea on a platform lifted by crane 100 feet above the ground!

 This public event is available to the public during summer (obviously, you don’t want to have your head in thick winter clouds), usually in July. Dates for summer 2018 are still not been published – we will update you as soon as tickets become available.

You will be seated at a table with another 21 possible guests. You are securely fastened to your specially designed chair and in the middle of the table is staff who will serve your High Afternoon Tea.

Here are some technical details to have in mind before you book this amazing experience:

  • You must be minimum age of 12 (If you want to drink champagne then probably 18+) and height of 1.4 m applies. Max weight of 120 kg.
  • and it is not recommended for women who are over 6 months in their pregnancy.

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